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Post  Alex on Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:34 am

I finished a draft of the concepts and here it is below. We can edit it next term.

“Kribs”: Mockumentary
1. Concept:
Our group wishes to create a mockumentary that will be a promotional video for Henderson High School (HHS). The presentation will largely appear comical and mostly rely on the viewers/ audiences reactions. We are going to style our mockumentary to mock famous reality T.V shows that will appeal to the younger generation. The shows we will mock will be fields from the MTV corporation and the shows they make like Cribs, Pimp my ride, and Punk’d. Whilst parodying parts of these TV shows we are going to add extensive highlights to the facilities at HHS. We are going to portray our presentation as one which will ridicule the local facilities available for students at HHS. We chose the subject of mocking TV shows as we think that it will appeal to students at a senior level and it will reach our target audience. The main character in our media text will be a witty presenter played by Casper. The character in which Casper will play will present the show for most of the duration of the mockumentay except when he will change to the sub-presenters of specific fields at the school.
During the filming of the mockumentary problems may arise and we have foreseen the problem of not having a method to achieve smooth moving camera shots while the camera follows the presenter. To solve that problem we will most likely have to practice our experience with hand held cameras to obtain the shots in which we desire. Soon we will begin to work on a final storey board and use the material we have so far to make a final. With our mockumentary we as a group are going to start filming as soon as possible to leave a long time period for the editing process. The setting will pretty much all be done around the school and we will be sure to book facilities in advance to get our filming under way. We also will need to book other resources E.g. tripods, cameras from the media department so we will be able to get the best possible shots for our mockumentary.
2. Treatment: Style
The approach we are going to take towards our mockumentry will be full of comedy to appeal to our target audience of students at senior level. We want to show our audience that also the mockumentry is not completely informal we will still show features and facilities that HHS has to offer. Our group so far thinks that our local peers will find and perhaps even relate to our text. The mockumentary will not be completely informal as we believe that it must also be persuasive of why to attend HHS.

2.Treatment: Codes/Conventions

Below is a list of some of the codes/ conventions we will use while filming:

Interviews: We are going to conduct an interview with our fellow peers and teachers at our school to get multiple perspectives on what others think about HHS. The interview convention will add depth to our argument as well as we will gain multiple opinions on the matter.

Titling/Graphics: The titling and graphics will play an important role in the production of mockumentary. We will use the titling to make it instantly appear to the viewers that it is clear that we are mocking the shows by MTV. The titles will show what we will be proceeding to do and rely make it clear to the viewers.

Background Music: The music will be important for our presentation as it will largely tell the audience what to feel or expect at that precise moment during the media text. The music type will be much related to the shows genre for each show we mock in our presentation. We will add suitable music to that type E.g. Cribs- Gangster type rap music.

Voice Over: The voice over will be used regularly between flashes of different areas around the grounds. At one point during the mockumentry there will be stills off all the blocks around our school and a short voice over giving a brief statement on the subject.

Montage: We will include a montage in our mockumentary at some point but at the moment we are not quite clear on where to insert it.

2. Justification:

We chose the topic of mocking reality T.V shows as we thought that it would be appropriate to our target audience of senior students as reality T.V has become popular with today’s youth culture. We think that most teens like the reality TV shows because they are always in anticipation as they don’t know what could possibly happen next. Even though our text will mostly be appealing for the comedy it will also feature a main message of the highlights of HHS. Our group should have very little problem with the editing process as we all have past experience involving using editing software. Also we have all previously used video cameras so we should have ease with navigating the controls.


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Re: Done!

Post  Nischal on Thu Jul 01, 2010 7:25 pm

That's good, send it!!!


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